SPP.003.K120R.SM: Rear Secure Paddock Stand

SPP.003.K120R.SM: Rear Secure Paddock Stand

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This an adaption of the rear paddock stand that is generally regarded as the best available for the iconic Ducati 916 range of bikes. Manufactured in Italy by FG Gubellini, they were for a long time supplied by Ducati for their top of the range special edition bikes. Strong, well made and easy to use they even have twin sealed bearings on the support arm so that the wheel is easy to rotate without scratching the inside of the axle. Gubellini are so proud of these stands that each one has its own 'chassis' number stamped on to a 'chassis' plate.Now manufactured especially for us by Gubellini, we adapt it for more secure use with the BMW K 1200 S/R/R-Sport as well as the K1300 S/R. The adapter has a hard wearing nylon outer and is long enough to go right through the hub. Use of the nylon means that the inside of the hub does not get scratched or damaged. There is a screw-on disc that goes onto the end of the adapter that ensures that the bike cannot slide off the stand. Long term storage without fear of the bike being accidentally knocked off the stand was uppermost in our minds when designing the adapter.

Not the cheapest, but we would like to think the best!

Price: £119.06 (£142.87 inc tax)

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