SPP.030.HP2SP.CB SPP Rear Sport Exhaust System

SPP.030.HP2SP.CB SPP Rear Sport Exhaust System

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A hand made rear exhaust for the HP2 Sport. 

In our opinion nothing looks better on the rear of a sporty boxer than two large high level circular exhaust outlets.  Made specifically for us by a fabricator who seems to spend most of his time making exhausts for Moto GP teams and Swing Arms for World Endurance Racing and WSBK.  It is effectively two separate systems from the point at which the pipe splits near the left footpeg.  The silencers are reverse cones to match and fit in with the shape of the seat unit and are re-packable.

This design allows much more air to circulate around the silencers and the seat unit is therefore much cooler.

Made to order, the delivery time is usually 3 - 4 weeks, but it can be as much as 7 - 8 weeks when pressure of other work inevitably forces an increased delivery time.

Together with our front system (http://www.sandbarcomposites.co.uk/displayproduct.php?product_id=873&category_id=14) it now means that we can supply a complete exhaust for the HP2 Sport for under £1850 + VAT

Here is a small sound clip of the complete system being tested at Rockingham Raceway.  Apologies for the low quality of the video, but the mobile did not want to do what I wanted it to!!


Price: £999.00 (£1198.80 inc tax)

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