MBBMW02 Fat-Cat/Suter Slipper Clutch

MBBMW02 Fat-Cat/Suter Slipper Clutch

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FAT CAT Performance Parts in conjunction with Suter have come up with an anti hopping slipper clutch solution for BMW'S single plate dry clutch system used in all 4V R series. This clutch was developed initially for the HP2 Sport racing programme.  It includes a clutch plate that uses vastly superior sintered friction material and should outlast and outperform the original clutch plate in all conditions.  There is an anti-hopping, back torque limiting mechanism that fits in the centre of the new clutch plate which brings all the benefits that slipper clutches are renowned for in a racing environment. 

If you do not use your HP2 Sport on the track, the FatCat/Suter slipper clutch will still provide the following additional safety and real world benefits.

1. The slipper clutch allows the rear ABS system to work correctly in a panic brake situation as the engine cannot “stall” or compression lock the rear wheel. This means the bike is much more stable under braking and will pull up straighter and with considerably less chance of the very scarey automatic ecu inspired braking reduction.
2. It reduces stresses on the BMW gearbox and final drive, giving longer life and smoother gear changing.
3.The clutch plate floats on its own spline, reducing load and wear on the stock input shaft.
4. You can effectively change down as many gears as required before a corner, let the clutch out and the slipper clutch will do the rest. You will be in the correct gear to exit the corner before you enter it.
5. Off road and Adventure riders will find that all these benefits are more noticeable off road. The long life and increased rideability are just the start.  Rear wheel lock pulling up a fully loaded GSA or heading into a downhill off camber hairpin on a fire roadl is a thing of the past.

The Fat-Cat SUTER slipper clutches are also available for K1200/1300, F800, and G450 series.

Price: £791.66 (£949.99 inc tax)

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