JMP 4000 Canbus - Lithium Battery Charger

JMP 4000 Canbus - Lithium Battery Charger

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A 4 Amp battery charger that is designed for use with the Lithium Battery (HJTZ14S-FP) that we sell for this bike.  It can also be used for normal lead-acid batteries.  It identifies which type of battery it is connected to and acts accordingly.

It is also designed to be used with the accessory socket on canbus equipped BMWs. When connected to the accessory socket, it sends a signal to the ecu and the ecu then allows the charging to begin.

The charger comes with three leads.  With crocodile clips, accessory socket plug and a socket for direct connection to the battery.

Can also be wall mounted.

Sourced from a large German wholesaler who specialises in products for BMWs.

Price: £63.50 (£76.20 inc tax)

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