SPP.026.HP2SP.NW Torque Arm (assembled)

SPP.026.HP2SP.NW Torque Arm (assembled)

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It has always offended us that BMW seemed to have a failure of common sense when they specified the same torque arm for the HP2 Sport as they did for the bottom of the R1200 range.  On a bike with the specification that it has, they have supplied it with a torque arm that is little more than 'bent tin'!

Here is an assembled torque arm.  Made to the standard length and available with two different finishes.  Semi-matt black xylan coating or a 'faux' carbon finish.  The polished one has been discontinued!  They can be fitted with a carbon fibre brake pipe cover as in the pictures, but supply of that cover is difficult so we are now pricing the torque arm without that cover.

Although in the overall scheme of things it is not significant, there is also a useful weight reduction of approximately 40% from 0.60 kg to 0.36 kg. 

BMW must have a reason to fit rubber bushes at both ends, so our torque arm also has the BMW bush fitted at the front end.  The bush at the rear is already in the bevel drive.  

We have stayed with the standard length as the bike has got plenty of ride height adjustability at the shock absorber, and in any event changing the ride height by changing the torque arm length is nowhere near as good as adjusting the shock length.  However, if somebody specifically wanted a different length e.g. perhaps for a bike without a shock with adjustable length, then we can produce this arm in any length - within reason!! If the change is extreme then we may ask you to sign a waiver.

Normally they would be produced using adhesive and grub screws to 'lock' the ends in place and keep the length.  They could be supplied without these being used for off-road use and/or exhibition purposes only, but you would be required to sign a waiver.  The length would not be adjustable in situ - you would need to remove the arm to change the length.

The xylan coating is as used by race car manufacturers for alloy suspension arms, and the 'faux' carbon finish is the finish used by F1 manufacturers on their exhibition mock-ups.

Delivery time for these would be about three weeks (depending on the finish).  It may be possible to purchase one with the carbon fibre brake pipe cover, in which case the price will be £260 + VAT

Price: £185.00 ()

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