SPP.031.RTARM.NW RT A-arm conversion

SPP.031.RTARM.NW RT A-arm conversion

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One of the most positive changes that can be made to the front suspension of the HP2 Sport and the R1200S is to fit the A-arm (wishbone) from the R1200RT.  This will steepen the steering angle by about a degree and reduce the wheelbase by approximately 20 mm.  That is enough to make a real difference to the steering - it sharpens it up without introducing instability.  Indeed we are running our bike currently with an adjustable steering damper at a setting that is much looser than the OE damper.  During a recent test at Rockingham Raceway, with all our suspension mods in place, a very experienced journalist, tester and BMW Boxer owner described as 'remarkable' the ability of the bike to change direction particularly in the right-left chicane at the back of the handling circuit.  We think he may have then qualified that with the words "for a BMW"!

What this mod will also do (simple geometry!) is to raise the bike at the front.  If you already have your bike set up to your liking, you will need to think about raising the rear to match.  If your standard rear shock is already raised to the advised limit, then you might like to consider our longer Gubellini twin tube technology alternative.  

All models throughout the R1200 range (and that includes the HP2 Sport) use the same casting for the A-arm.  The only differences are that the RT has the mounting hole for the ball joint machined about 10mm further back than the rest of the range, and the blind boss that is there for the rear mount of the steering damper on the R1200S and the HP2 Sport is just left as it is - a blind boss 

We can supply you with a new RT A-arm that has been modified to take the steering damper.  The cost is £60 above the prevailing BMW list price for the arm.  In the picture you can clearly see the different machining position.  The Standard HP2 Sport arm is the one on the left.

This modification is also exactly applicable to the R1200S.  They are, we believe, the only two bikes in the range that have a ball joint on the upper fork yoke and therefore can accept changes in fork angle without problems.

Price: £564.16 ()

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