SPP.032.FFX31.GU Gubellini FFX31 Rear Shock Absorber

SPP.032.FFX31.GU Gubellini FFX31 Rear Shock Absorber

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This is the top of the range rear shock from FG Gubellini.  It is twin tube technology, meaning that the rebound and compression circuits are completely separate and it has a built in preload adjuster.  The length is also adjustable.

There are 4 independent adjustments, which you can see from the pictures, are all accessed at the top of the shock.  There is no need to remove wheels or exhausts to access adjustments or changes at the bottom of the shock.  The rebound and compression adjusters have numerous positions which all act effectively and with a perceptible click.  Both ends of the shock have a 'rose joint' type ball joint to ease stresses and fitting problems.

This is produced by FG Gubellini specifically for us and specifically for the HP2 Sport.  It is made with increased length over the OE Ohlins shock.  Most of our customers are running their bikes with the rear shock at the maximum length as recommended by the BMW handbook.  It became apparent that if riders have got their bikes set up correctly for them and then they do the A-arm modification, which will raise the front, then they will need some way of increasing the rear ride height to match.  So this shock starts from there!

There are those that think that ride height should be changed by changing the length of the torque arm. In our opinion that is not the right way to deal with the issue.  It involves not fully understanding the reasons for having 2 universal joints on a shaft.  For a detailed explanation see this Wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_joint

FG Gubellini is vastly experienced with suspensions, and has worked with many exceptional riders including Capirossi, Biaggi, Cecchinello, Tokudome, Bostrom, Pirovano, Guareschi, Scassa, McCoy and many others.  Particularly well known in the Ducati 'world' (they are only 20 miles from Bologna) their shock absorbers are widely used here in the UK in the DesmoDue Race Series as well as the 848 Series.  All their products are beautifully produced with CNC machined parts and, luckily for owners of the HP2 Sport, blue anodising and springs. 


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