SPP.036.HP2SP.NW Alloy Rocker Cover Conversion

SPP.036.HP2SP.NW Alloy Rocker Cover Conversion

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This is the modification to our bike that has attracted the most attention and discussion. 

However the use of the alloy rocker covers from either the DOHC RT or DOHC GS is not quite a plug and play conversion.

We can provide a complete kit for this change.  It comprises a pair of new BMW alloy rocker covers, painted to the colour of your choice, a set of new gaskets, a set of spark plug covers and a set of the rubber blocks that fit inside the rocker cover.  The reason new gaskets are needed is because the the ones for the alloy covers are different to most of the ones used OE.  So even if your original ones are still in good condition they should still be changed.  The rubber blocks are different as well, and not interchangeable between the two types of rocker cover. Although they do not apparently do anything, and we cannot get a definitive answer from BMW (surprise surprise!!) as to what their purpose is, it will be up to you if you use them.

As far as colour goes, you can see that we have gone for the same pearlescent blue as used on the frame, but you can have them painted in any colour - within reason!   You can see a few suggestions in the pictures below from the BoxerCup Race Series.

Price: £694.00 ()

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